Webpage Factory is now closed and no longer provides any web design or hosting services



Our web development team can provide a wide range of services, starting with consultation to help guide you through the process of determining the sort of web presence that best suits your needs.

The process usually consists of:


It may be that you know exactly what you need from your web presence, or it may be that you are unsure about what technology is available for creating your presence online. We can guide you through the process, from basic access and a simple one-page presence, through to a fully programmed shopping cart or interactive website.

The ever-increasing production of user-friendly software enables almost anyone to "throw" together a webpage, but it takes vision and skill to create a memorable and productive web presence that will have an impact on visitors. Our consulting staff will help you tailor your business to seamlessly enter the electronic marketplace, through an easy and understandable process, whilst not "charging you the earth" in return.



Our web development team can design your pages from simplistic one-page projects that provide for a basic web presence to database and site design that provides a large dynamic website to impress your customers or generate income.

It is during this stage of the process of creating your pages that we will work out how you want your pages to appear and what ambience and message you wish to have portrayed to your customer based upon that appearance. We will also examine basic design functions such as navigation, be it by framed pages with menu bars, or non-framed pages. Other issues to be examined will be whether you need basic static style pages, or dynamic pages with "behind-the-scenes" programming to produce them. We can also provide you with solutions about such issues as security where certain pages need it, and we offer secure server accounts, or high-security passworded sections of the website if you require this.

The range of design services includes:

  • Page Design
  • Graphical Design
  • Site Navigation
  • Multi-browser compatability
  • Multi-resolution compatability
  • Database Design



Once you have worked out with our consulting staff what your web presence requires, and having come up with a basic design, if it has been decided that your pages pages need to be more than just static pages, that's where our programmers step in. If you want pages that stay up to date, synchronised with your databases yet requiring minimal maintenance, or if you want e-commerce solutions with online shopping systems our team can program them for you. If alternatively you just want webpages with a high degree of user interactivity, this can be provided for also.

Our range of programming skills include:

  • Server Side Programming for Unix or NT
    • C CGI Scripts
    • C++ CGI Scripts
    • Perl CGI Scripts
    • PHP Scripts
    • General SQL Database Programming
    • mySQL Database Programming

  • Client Side Programming
    • Java Scripts
    • VB Scripts
    • Java Applets



Having decided upon your pages appearance, and the level of programming they will include, the next step is to create the actual pages. We will conduct this stage efficiently and smoothly maintaining contact with you throughout the process so that you can inform us of any changes or additions you require so that we can quickly create a web site you are proud of.

If you need it, we can also produce Intranet solutions for your company and can implement computer network systems for your company or other organisations if required. We have a skilled staff of network engineers who can implement all the hardware and software required to have your network up and running an Intranet.

Domain Services

Having designed and created your pages, your next step will be to decide if you wish to register your own domain name. We can provide this service for you using our prior knowledge and utilities to help you make decisions about what domain names are available and which of these best suit your needs, or discuss the requirements by you to acquire certain domain names. We can then register and delegate the domain name to associate it with your pages, and provide you with email accounts at that domain name as befits your needs.


Site Promotion

Now that your pages are in place, under your own domain name, or elsewhere, the next step will be to promote your pages so that your target market visits the pages. We can help advise you on strategies that will give you the best results in this area. Our staff are knowledgable about what method each of the major search engines employ in ranking your pages and can target those strategies specifically to help you achieve the best results possible.

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